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As a part of our initiative towards helping manage the Covid 19 crises, we are enclosing, free of cost, a set of 2 adult face masks with your order. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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About Us

It All Started With A Desire.

What Happens When A Group Of, Not So Young But Very Enterprising, People With A Varied Background In Design Amongst Other Things And With A Common Passion For Craft Get Together, A Desire Gets Born

Iha, Pronounced Eha Is A Sanskrit Term For Desire.

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The Desire

India has a plethora of beautiful crafts and craftsmanship that is truly exquisite. And many of the craftsmen/women are working with designers to create beautiful craft based products. The limiting factor though is the high price of these products. Our desire is to work with the craftsmen to create handcrafted products that are modern in its interpretation, exquisite in its detailing, sustainable in its usability and yet accessible to aficionados of design and craft. The ultimate triumph for any design or design based product would be when it engages all the senses and is in the hands of a true appreciator. We desire nothing more than that.

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Our Philosophy

We realised that by focussing on eliminating waste and foregoing the high design premiums we could control the costs without compromising on the design, craft and quality. We also are committed to paying the craftsmen their fair price. It is a constant challenge, but one that we are committed to. Our design philosophy ranges from modern to post modernism. We appreciate the way postmodernism embraces duality and plays with contrasting elements like tradition and modernity, structure and chaos, strength and fluidity. We try to bring alive these elements in the way we combine materials, techniques and fabrics.

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The Team

We come with a varied background of having worked in the luxury sector, craft -based sector and of course design houses. Our designers have over 20 years of experience of working in the craft- based sector in India with craftsmen/women to create new techniques and designs. Besides the immediate team though, there is a bigger ecosystem that comprises of the design team, the operations team, artisans, our process partners, our communication partners, our distribution partners et al, who all share similar beliefs and a desire to reach your hearts with our work.

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